Corporate Well-being

Customised research solutions

Following the parameters of the Wellbeing Theory, we design research projects for your Corporation and help you to obtain your own data. In need of any furhter information, please contact us.


Positive Psychology For HR

The main purpose of the Positive Psychology Program for the HR function is to help all the people working in this function build projects around the positive psychology topics and come up with applicable and value adding solutions for their corporations around these topics of interest.

Positive Leadership Program

The Positive Leadership Program is designed around the Well-being Theory of Martin Seligman (Flourish, 2011). The managers who will attend this program will be working on increasing the total well-being levels of both themselves and their employees'.


The Keynote speeches are about the positive psychology findings through deliberate scientific research around the world and their applications in the corporate life.


We give consultancy services in:

  • Identifying Strengths used in your corporation at various levels including staff, management and vendors
  • Developing Strengths Management Models
  • Identifying the higher Meaning your Corporation/ Team
    serves to.
  • Developing Tools to Increase Employee Engagement