Corporate Well-being

Corporate Well-Being Center
"Designing Customer and Employee Experiences In Alignment"
23rd May 2013, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taksim

Keynote Speaker
Mr Gareth English (*), Customer Psychology Ltd, London

Ms Dilek Başarır, General Manager, McDonald's Turkey
Mr Bora Isbulan, Deputy General Manager, TAV Operation Services
Ms Meltem Şahin, Customer Experience Management Director, Turkcell
Moderator: Dr. Riza Kadilar, Chairman, EMCC Turkey

Opening and Closing Remarks
Ms Özge Koca, Corporate Well-Being Center


Dear Friends and Guests,

Please be informed that Corporate Well-Being Center is organising an inaugural workshop on "Designing customer and employee experiences in alignment" on Thursday May 23rd, 2013, at Grand Hyatt, Taksim, registration at 08:30 and breakfast and event starts at 09:00.

Effective customer experience design leads to desired business results which could only be reached by a well aligned "employee experience". Therefore Corporate Wellbeing Center organizes the following event where prominent business leaders will be debating on the following questions:

  • Do we really define what the employees can do to create the best customer experience in terms of very basic, simple behavioural terms?
  • Do we design the right employee experience within the company to be able to ensure the right customer experience to be delivered through them?
  • Does our purpose statement share a common message for both parties?
  • Do we care?

Such questions will be debated by our panel to find out the best ways to bring both experiences together and to design them as a pair, a couple, not to be separated from each other.

The fee required for this event is 250 TL. To register please kindly click here and fill out the form on our website.
With our best regards,

(*) As a business psychologist, Gareth English works with clients to support them in understanding why people - staff and customers alike - behave as they do. Gareth supports companies in achieving their business objectives by applying his understanding of what really drives people in business. He will be delivering a speech around how customers and employees' experiences are linked to each other and how companies can manage these experiences better.